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You"re moving to your new place overseas. Everything is already waiting for you. There"s only one thing you"re missing - affordable & reliable international movers. That"s where we step in. Sunset International Shipping can offer the following to you: - A guaranteed price. No hidden fees. Free video survey. - Up-to-date moving and shipping equipment - Flexible shipping options: we offer both air & ocean freight - Packing, custom crating, small & large shipments, full-load - containers, partial containers - An experienced, friendly team of professional movers - Dependability, communication & peace of mind: our shipping specialists will be at your disposal throughout your move What are you waiting for? Your overseas home is just a quick phone call away! Sunset International Shipping will be at your disposal whenever you decide to begin your international relocation.
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Sara D. 7 years ago

After having a bunch of stuff in storage for quite some time from an NY office business that didn't work out it was finally time to have it shipped to someone who would put it to good use. An old co-worker who began a business in London mentioned that he was setting up an office & could use the ...More

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