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750 Ave E, San Francisco, CA 94130
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Affordable Self Storage offers the best service, the best security and the best rates for your commercial, industrial and personal storage needs. We have a large number of storage units available in a variety of sizes. We have short term and long term plans. We store everything from vehicles and RVs to precious artwork and fine wines. Our spacious, well lighted, storage facilities have 24-hour on site security. We also offer 24-hour access to your storage items 7 days a week. We even accept deliveries! At Affordable Self Storage, our customers are able to store more items for less. Please feel free to contact us using our toll free phone number. We appreciate your business. 8 X 5 = $90.00 8 X 10 = $110.00 8 X 15 = $145.00 8 X 20 = $250.00 8 X22.5 =$265.00 8 X 30 = $325.00 8 X 40 = $395.00 8 X 45 = $425.00 We offer the safest clean best quality cheap storage Inexpensive storage low cost self storage with 24 hour access

Josh K. 4 years ago

I am a field marketing manager who has worked in CPG for about 5 years. For all of these 5 years I have been working with Affordable Self Storage & have never second-guessed my decision to use their facility for all of my storage needs. The staff is wonderful, they are always able to help, 24-ho ...More

750 Ave E, San Francisco, CA 94130

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